GodsWar Tips & Guide

Well first of all, why a champ?
1.) Champions were from the start the favorite physical cl^_^, because of their high damage and fast killing, as low level you can easily kill mobs and level up fast.
Well I chose this cl^_^ just because of their high damage and fast killing I’m some one that likes to PVP a lot and kills fast.
Which states are important for a champ?
So many people started to mess up their attributes and I think some of them are doing something wrong like deleting critical bonus adding healing or something else.
As champ first of all is physical attack and physical damage important.
Then it comes dodge, critical bonus, hitting etc...
I would recommend every champ to keep their critical bonus, don’t delete just to add healing or something.
And there are so many champs that JUST works on their attacks and lets defensive behind , better work on your defensive too , we champs got low defensive generally and it would help a lot if we up our defensive too and not only attacks.

Like every cl^_^ champions has their negative sides too, they can’t survive long and dies fast etc
Positive effects as champ:
1. Strong skills
2. High damage
3. Good as low level to level up fast and good to afking
Negative effects as champ:
1. Cant tank much dies fast
2. Low defense and magic defense
3. Not really made for instances like wonderland Atlantis mages and warrior are more useful there.

Different Builds:
2.) At pvp: well there are now so many different build of champs, you can’t compare them to each other anymore. And now I’m going to show you some different builds of champs now days.

Champ A.) Pot builds:
Many players started to build their characters pot build, so they removed their tenacity and added healing done/healing; they changed their cooled stones etc.

Champ B.) Tenacity builds:
But some champs stayed on their former build they kept their tenacity and didn’t changed them for healing done /healings so other cl^_^es will have hard to critical them.

Champ C.)Dodge rate buff builds:
Some player deleted their tenacity and some other attributes like absorb (kind a useless at pvp)
And added dodge rate buff not to get silenced/shackled/stunned/frozen by other cl^_^es and mobs this build is mostly for PVE but it’s useful in PVP build as well.

Champ D.) Hp restoration builds:
An interesting build is hp restoration build as champs instead add healing done they are using hp rest. And makes them lv5 it works almost as good as potting and it helps a lot vs warriors and their rage claw
As far I know most champs are Pot builds (in my server, don’t know much about them in other servers)

Well there are a lot different builds of champs; I just took those to compare them with each other.

2.) Which skills should I use on zodiac?
Zodiac is one of the important hidden powers in the game , that improves your attack and defensive.
There is 2 different zodiac features:
.) Attack /defensive skill improvement and attack/defensive training.

Attack/defensive skill improvement: skills will receive a boost in power by a certain percentage
.) Attack/defensive training: the damage of the trained skill will increase by a certain amount.
Attack/defensive training.

As attack skill improvement I would suggest to use spear hit and spear blast spear takes a lot mp but it worth it, and on attack training stab and chip blast or holy jab.
And on defensive skills depends which cl^_^ u fight.
In wars u should use of course the strongest skills like spear hit, fire lotus etc.

There are some people using meteor last on zodiac, in my opinion it’s useless and a waste of mp better spear blast so you can cast your spear hit fast too and spear blast has the same internal injury as meteor blast. And even people that don’t want to use spear hit on zodiac because of their low mp, my advices  would be do everything you can to cast spear hit and spear blast successively on zodiac.

Ok let’s come to holy stones, holy stones are another way to boost your char.
1.) Heated holy stones (improve offensive equipment)
2.) Cooled holy stones (improves defensive equipment)
And here comes the question which build your champ is? PVE or PVP, because if your PVP build you will need other heated/cooled holy stones than if you are PVE build.

PVP build champ:
according to my experience I would say the best heated stones for a PVP build champ would be ignore physical defensive and physical damage and cooled stones reduce critical damage taken value/percentage and that I not forget to mention reduce critical damage taken stones are for both damages magical and physical.
I saw a champ using reflect stones he said it works well but I didn’t tested it yet.

PVE build champ:
Anyhow there are players that doesn’t like to PVP a lot and builds up their char for PVE and as a PVE char you will need different stones for sure.
As far I know the cooled stone reduce physical/magical damage taken are working quite well against mobs. (On my gear you can see the heated and cooled stones as a PVP build champ)
Weapon:  ( phys attack, phys damage , critical bonus , (hp/hit) and the 5th attribute Energy or blood stones on grade 12 blood stone +210 attack Energy stone +6,5% )
Helmet:  (phys attack, phys damage, critical bonus, (hp/hit)
Glove: (phys attack, phys damage, critical bonus, hit)
Rings: (phys attack, phys damage, critical bonus, hp)... ring there are players with (2 mp rings) (2 Scorpios) (1 mp 1 hp) (ring 2 hp rings) up to yourself , if you need a lot mp use 2 mp rings if not that much use 1 mp 1 Scorpio.
Armor: (Defensive, dodge, hp, (magical def /absorption)
Amulet: (absorption, dodge,( healing done/tenacity/dodge rate buff/mp) many choices and depends on your build.
Boots: (Dodge, (hp / mp restoration/ healing done / tenacity) absorption


What pets are good for champs?
Now days everyone got already a main pet and we are using jades to change their look and learn the skill, the best pets would be a bunny (critical bonus), dodo (hit), and wandering spirit (dodge) pet for champs; their skills are really useful for us.
Pet merging:
What pet skills are good for champs?
Now u needs to look at what build you are and choose the pet skills.
Pet skills f: physical attack, critical bonus, (dodge, hit, hp, tenacity if your tenacity build).
Those skills would be good for a champ, but if you are more like PVE build you will need devoured life or blood ^^er too.

PVP strategies
PVP in game:
There are maps for it like Arena and Pindus also other maps like Megara, isthmus, derveni , platea etc.
VS other cl^_^es:
I’m going to tell all my experiences about champ vs. other cl^_^es.
Champs vs. champs:

This is duel is my favorite one, because it’s a fast and easy fight.
Many champs know everything about their skills their strength, so they already know what to cast when and where.
To a fight another champ you should use first of all spears blast /meteor blast because of their internal injury and your skill damage will increase.
I would suggest using spear blast, spear hit, stab/rage spear and your other skills if u fights another champ, in a fight between champs the best tactics would be to close so your area skills can damage them, but there are some champs that runs while fighting another champ that would be another tactic to fight but it not really shows how strong you just waste your time, better would be to kill your opponent fast as possible, anyhow everyone has another style of fight.

Champ vs. warrior:
Warriors are known as well tankers and they got really high defensive and with the skill holy ward their defensive improves.
First of all before you start to fight the warrior check his state’s well of course everyone will check their opponent’s states, but vs. warrior you see what you have to do and be better prepared for him .
Ok if the warrior has high defensive and you think u can’t survive long vs. him u better keep distance and cast all your area skills mb , sb , cb , rs then come and use your ss , stab , rs , etc.
If you think you can stand vs. the warrior use same tactic as you used before vs. champ sb sh stab etc.

Champ vs. priest:
Priest is the hardest of all cl^_^es now to kill, because of their healing and high defensive, hp.
Priests are the king of dodges many players would only miss on them.
The other reason why priests are so hard to kill is pots now, because of their healing done/healing on their gears pots heals extremely much.
If you fight a priest as champ you must do everything to damage them keep attacking and attacking don’t let them to heal their self’s keep attacking whenever you can but they got shackle and Gaia care and those skills won’t let do anything but they got still some goods for example shackle can be very useful, like you can recover your mp and cast your strongest skills again.

Champ vs. mage:
Well many champs’ biggest problems are mages because of their strong skills like fire lotus thunder etc.
Many mages starts with silence if they fight a champ , when you are silenced just run away and come back when it’s over come back and freeze the mage use all skills you can.
Another way that mages starts is they using fire lotus and silences , when they starts like that try to use your sh to steal them a bit hp and when u get silences run away until it’s over and come back freeze it and use your skills .
hope you all enjoyed reading,if there is any questions or remarks just go ahead