GodsWar Tips & Guide

Gaining EXp List:

1. Do Quests

        Quests are the main sources of exp in Godswar. There 4 types of quests you can do.
        a. Main quests- Carries the story line of Godswar. These are quests you can gain in certain levels. These quests gives the most rewards of all and gives the largest amount of exp. They can be claimed from the main quest issuer or you can obtain them by using search function(the ones in blue) in the quest interface. Note: They are done only once ever.
        b. Daily quests-are ranked second in giving rich mount of exp next to main quests after completion. These quests can be done 5 times daily. You can get them from daily quest issuer in the city or you can find them in search tab in the quest interface(the ones in green). You can send your pet to do this quest if you have some magic bells(can be bought from mall or b-gold shop for 30g/30b-gold) with you.
        c. Repeated Quests-these quests gives the least amount of exp, but, it depends from where you got the quest. the quest that you get from the NPC only gives small amount of exp while repeated quest you get from quest scrolls offers large amounts of exp. Note: as the title saids itself, it means you can do these quests indefinitely.
        d. Random quests-gives you 55 exp pills by claiming 1 quest sack from the random quest issuer in your city. Quest sack gives you 10 random quests which gives exp pills and another quest when completed. For the first time of the day you completed all your 10 quests, you'll receive, 3 pcs. Talent Stone 3, treasure map, and 2 cps. small money bag. the next time you completed again all quests, you will no longer receive the money bags. This quest is classified as repeated quest, so, you can do this indefinitely also.
        e. Guild Quests- These quest are obtained at the guild quest super visor near the wishing pool. These quests give exp, Talent points, and contribtion, and guild silver/gold(necessary for a guild to grow). One of the most popular quests is the war materials quest. Once completed, it gives more than 400k+ exp and 30+ Talent Points.
2. Others
        There are also other ways you can gain exp fast.
        a. Trojan-every thursday, there's an event called trojan expedition. When entering this event, you must claim a quest from the trojan war coordinator. By completing this quest you'll gain exp pills which gives you exp.
        b. Instances-Instances also gives exp. These instances I'm talking about are Bay Under Attack and Training Ground. You'll need at least a party of 3 people to enter. Go to the instance caller to apply(available using search).
        Bay Under Attack- Here, you will kill monsters that give you drops like, books, gears, gems and exp pills. Exp pills can then be taken to gain experience.
        Training Ground- in order to gain exp and TP you need to kill a number mobs. The experience and Talent points you gain depends on how points you gain in killing mobs inside.
        c. Lost Books- Kill some boogeymen in the suburbs and collect sets of sheepskin scrolls 1-6. You can gain sheepskin scroll 7 fom mysterious elder or kill Evil Boogeyman in suburbs which respawns every 2 hours. exchange these scrolls for lost book chapters at Ancient relics.
        d. Potions- If you want to sit back and just let your character afk for a while, You can use exp potions to let the exp you gain bigger.
        e. Pet- if you pet has random event talent, you can sometimes gain exp from those events. Also, if your pet has work talent you can make your pet work for a certain period of time to get exp and talent points. but you need some gold or silver to do that.