GodsWar Tips & Guide


What is EXPERIENCE for? It will make your character levelup. You can store it in a Holy Box and transfer it to your equipment for Holy Suit Points(sp). The higher the sp, the stronger you will become.
Main Quest - are those quests pertaining to the storyline. Players can find out more about the storyline and the background while doing these quests.
Daily Quest - Players can do them once a day. It will give you big exp, little tp and silver.
Repeated Quest - These are quests that can be done again and again. It gives you a little amount of tp and exp.
Guild Quest - These quest gives you exp , guild gold/silver and contribution.
Random Quest -  10quests in one. Finish these and you will get exp pills *55pieces. Random rewards are tp,
silver and a treasure map.
Quest Scroll - You can buy this from mall, b-gold shop and from other players.
Team Quest - These quest should be done in a team.

Lost Books- To obtain a Lost book you need to have 1-7 Lost chapters. You will be able to get Sheepskin scroll 7 from Mysterious Elder(75,-130) in Sparta/Athens or kill Evil Boogeyman in suburbs. Kill boogeyman in suburbs which respawn every 2 hours. They will randomly drop 1-6 Sheepskin Scrolls. Collect 1-6 sheepskin scrolls and exchange it for Lost book chapters(just read the Sheepskin description). You can exchange 1-3 or 4-6 Lost book chapters for Incomplete Lost book or 1-7 Lost book chapters for 1 Lost book. You can get a large amount of exp, talent, crystals, gems or even QP4. You will have 5 chances each day.

Hera Labyrinth - Get the quest from the Labyrinth Quest Envoy. Go to the Event Transporter(142,-38) and enter Labyrinth. Talk to Zeus envoy and obtain Zeus Oracle 1. Find Zeus Envoy 1 in the same island and give the Zeus Oracle 1 and obtain Zeus Oracle 2. Now follow these directions to finish the Hera Labyrinth.

Go Left > North > Right > North. Find Zeus envoy 2 and give Zeus Oracle 2 to receive Zeus Oracle 3.
Go Left > North. Find Zeus Envoy 3 and give Zeus Oracle 3 to receive Zeus Oracle 4.
Go Left > Left. Find Zeus Envoy 4 and give Zeus Oracle 4 to receive Zeus Oracle 5.
Pay attention on what you're doing because this last one is tricky.
Go North > Right > North > South > North > Right > Left. Find Zeus Envoy 5 to give Zeus Oracle 5 and finish Hera Labyrinth. ^^ You will get exp which depends on your level, tp and zodiac energy.

Training Ground 1, 2 or 3 - Form a team, enter the instance and finish the instance as fast as you can to get high exp and tp. For more specific info, check it here. http://gw.igg.com/guide/guide.php?acid=166

Delivering War Materials - You need to be level50 or above to join this event. You can only accept the quest 3 times a day and you can only submit 6 times a day. Just goto peloponnesus , click search and choose War Supplier 3. The submission of war materials are FOOD > WEAPON > MEDICINE > WINE. You will get exp , tp , guild gold/silver and contribution.

Pindus Battlefield - Go to Battlefield Transporter and enter Pindus. Submitting Holy Water to the other faction's altar will give you a little exp, +3000HP and +300 MP and points for your faction. You can also murder^^ enemies which give you points for your faction. At the end of the event, whatever faction wins the event will be given high exp and reputation. Additional rewards and title will be given to the players who scored the highest points on killing enemies and to those who scored the most in submitting Holy waters.

Lelantine Farm - Enter using the Battlefield Transporter. You need to catch as much dogs as possible using net and turn it over for faction points and pet exp. At the end of the event, whatever faction scored the highest points will win the event. The winning faction will get high experience, pet exp and talent points. Special items are drop from the elites and boss in Lelantine farm. And you can get 2.3k b-gold by turning over a dog to Kelsis, if your dog got the lowest in a specific status.

Nameplates - Only level 20+ players can participate on this event. You can claim Nameplates from monday to saturday. Its your choice if you will exchange nameplate without paying, the reward is only exp and it depends on your level. Exchange nameplates I+III+VI & II+IV+V and pay gold or b-gold to receive exp or talentpoints. Or exchange nameplates I+II+II+IV+V+VI and pay gold or bgold to receive exp+talentpoints. The payment and rewards also depends on your level.

Spies Invaded - Kill the opposing spy guards on the main city and pick the stones they drop.
EXP Stone 1 = 2000 exp  Talent Stone 1 = 5 talent points
EXP Stone 2 = 5000 exp  Talent Stone 2 = 10 talent points
EXP Stone 3 = 10000 exp Talent Stone 3 = 20 talent points


You can distribute it on your tp tree, it depends what status you need the most. But i suggest to have a full tp on your level

You can also levelup/upgrade your attack skill improvement, attack skill training , defensive skill training and defensive skill improvement.

-do marathons x6 a day from monday to saturday
-claim nameplates from monday to saturday
-claim sheepskin 7 everyday
-deliver WarMats everyday
-do daily quests
-do hera's labyrinth
-hunt elite/boss
-use the wishing pool 3 times a day for a rare book
-do quiz every 1 hour
-join event like pindus and nimini for reputation and romance island for money
-avoid being scammed and save as much money as you can.
-be friendly all the time
- kill afk players

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