GodsWar Tips & Guide

first off before rebirth

a pixie tear was used before rebirth so i could se the before and after growth stats - and always use rebirth spirits when rebirthing!!!!
also base savvy value of 268.55 (this will come in later with the merges)

now after (6th - 7th) rebirth

Pixie tear used after rebirth to see increased growth stats, also lvl'd pet back up to 114 as you can see most of the savvy values have already increased past their previous (on 6th rebirth) savvys with 6 lvls to go before maxed.

now for the merges. before i tried this i lvled up 40 odd sacrifice pets to merge into the main. merge pets were a mix of cowish, grumpy elfs and brave dogs + 1 weak bunny

i trialed 5 merges to see the base savvy growth which reached 270.46 which is an increase of 1.91 base savvy after 5 merges which i thought was **** ALL!!!! so i used a feather on my main pet to make 2 or more of the savvys values low (tried to get them around 20-25) before merging the rest of the sacrifcial pets into the main. after the feather was used i was able to get alot better merge savvy increaes
of atleast 2.5 savy increase if i was lucky ( with no merge spirits used)
sorry didnt gete any s/s of the mergeing process.

now image after 8th rebirth and merges

and as you can see there is an increase in base savvy value up to 329.19 which is an increase of 58.73 after 33 extra merges which was a hell of alot better than 1.91 after 5 merges 

thanks for checking in hope it helps anyone wanting some info.